There's nothing like a rude awakening to get you "woke" and remind you that you have a purpose before you had a partner. 

Letting go of my struggle love relationship was an uncomfortable action but it was more uncomfortable and devastating to be unhappy with my life when I knew I was destined for more. 

I remember my life-changing moment as the moment that created a shift in my heart from one of despair to one of strength, confidence, and self-love and this is the story that brought me here to you...

But first, I'd like to confess something to you. Despite what impression of me you've seen in the online world, or maybe we've met in person, I wasn't always the woman you've been getting to know. The truth is, I wasn't nearly as confident as I am today.

In fact, I spent many years not realizing my worth, not feeling beautiful enough, and not knowing how to let go of my societies view of living a "successful" life. I was practically a pro at "masking my pain". Maybe you can relate...On the exterior you look happy, put together, and maybe people think you're "successful" when really you're struggling to find a man, make enough money to have a decent life, be happy at your job, or even just love yourself. I know I was once that person. I was a Single Millennial Black woman wondering how I could be happy in what I felt was such a boring effed up world. I spent 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, just like you did or still do, in a cubicle that sucked the fun out of my day, controlled my time and labeled my "works worth" at only $20/hour. I believe in a lot of things but living like this for the next 40 years was nothing I believe I was destined for. Living to save for retirement, no time freedom, & definitely wasn't financial freedom. I thought to myself, "Aint nobody got time for that!" 


And that was that! I applied for another position at work being a Business Banker where I learned about business banking. While in training I was introduced how to register a business & I started working on my business. The problem was I needed clarity. I started going to yoga classes because I heard it helps with that & it worked as I started to heal from my emotional wounds I gained more clarity on how my business would help people. However I wasn't telling my stories because of my own insecurity of how I sound.  I knew my life experiences could help me influence way more women when I shared so I let my faith fuel me instead of my fear.


On April of 2017, I finally broke up with my ex. I figured it was time to face reality that if I really wanted change it had to start with me and what allow from others & myself. I fell into a slump after this. I started to believe I had wasted my time, where was I going to get money to pay for everything on my own.


The quickest resort I had to start earning an income was selling t-shirts.  I was selling at pop up shops & events. I knew there was more impactful things I wanted to but  I was retricted to my cubicle. I learned how to use my volunteer time to leave work and do impactful things like volunteer. I started volunteering as Wellness Coach with Let Me Run, Passion Church youth ministry, & Girls Taking Action with HS girls. 

During all of this volunteering I felt overwhelmed because I still had life as a mom taking kids to their sports, work, & home life. On top of that my brother went to jail which triggered flashbacks of the school to prison pipeline.  It's accurate to say I became a miserable mess. I was so depressed I spent days home alone, in bed, in the dark while my friends were out celebrating and were unaware I was home crying in bed wondering why I felt so deeply about everything & why am I such an emotional wreck. 


I had hit rock bottom. 


As I sat in my bathroom trying to understand why a scripture about love came to me. I needed to find the love in myself that I wanted from external things. God said "you have a purpose before you had a partner". "Focus on yourself & focus on me" I knew I wasn't focused on myself I was so used to doing everything for everyone or being attached to what I was doing. I still believed I was meant to live a life of purpose and passion and a lifestyle that gave me the freedom to travel, the ability to make lots of money, and the means to make an impact, on my terms.

So I said...

"F’ Being Basic I'm Taking Risks! "

I’m going to do whatever it takes to make a difference in this world so I can be happy, proud of myself! I shifted from the darkness to the light and little by little I pulled myself from the depths of despair in order to show other struggling women how to do the same. I no longer fake the funk, I no longer place myself in negative situations, and I no longer live from a place of self-doubt. Instead I've been growing an amazing tribe of women, I've been speaking at women's empowerment events, and publishing my first book "Faith In Action" to name a few level ups! I absolutely love myself and this transformation has brought me the happiness I've been searching for, for years. 


Now I want to start a self-love epidemic and you are invited! 


Do you want to find your happiness too?

Are you looking to have a empowering transformation in your life? 

Have you been endlessly searching to find your passion and purpose, to no avail?

Do you know your purpose and want to learn how to monetize it? 




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