Our Mission 

Educate, Equip, & Encourage women and children to have radical faith in the midst of life's storms, setbacks, & challenges. Giving them a gentle reminder to rest, reset, & renew in order to experience individual & collective well-being. We do this using mindfulness based stress reduction strategies like art, yoga, meditation, and wellness coaching.


We envision all people inspired, educated, and empowered to be their whole and best selves in their lives, relationships, and communities. We are a movement of passionate parents and leaders healing ourselves to heal our world.


Honor your temple so that you can be well to live your purpose & lead with love.

About Our Founder Edrence


Former teen mom turned Maternal Wellness Coach. After years of learning self neglect and experiencing burn out due to prioritizing the needs of everyone else. I learned that it was doing more harm than good in my life & home. I made it a priority to partner with God on the vision for my life by rejecting what society shows moms to be. Using tools like mindfulness & meditation I was able to work through each seed of wellness. With that vision I made it my mission to help others do the same so we all can experience more love, peace, & purpose.


Founder and CEO Dr. Ilana Nankin’s dissertation research revealed the critical connection between teacher well-being and student learning. Her research demonstrated the negative impact of educator stress on teaching and learning — and the positive impact that enhancing teacher well-being can have on student social-emotional and academic outcomes.

In January 2015, inspired by her research and teaching experiences, Ilana created Breathe For Change to empower teachers as champions of well-being in their lives, classrooms, and school communities. In June 2015, B4C brought 34 educators from around the world together for the first ever 200-hour wellness and yoga teacher training designed specifically for educators. The authentic, powerful, and transformational experiences these teachers shared galvanized more educators, wellness experts, and community leaders with a passion to build community and foster social change — to join Ilana in making FIA a worldwide movement. We haven't looked back since.


We grew to certify 185 educators in 2016, over 600 in 2017, and over 2,500 in 2018, 2019, and 2020. We are thrilled to share that our 5,000 graduates are now collectively enhancing the health and well-being of more than 1 million students throughout the United States.

Our research includes more than 10,000 training surveys and other quantitative assessments such as Maslach’s Burnout Inventory for Educators and Perceived Stress Scale. To date, these assessments indicate that Breathe For Change trainings result in the following outcomes for educators:

  • Enhanced overall well-being, physical well-being, and emotional well-being.

  • Increased energy levels, and ability to positively influence others’ lives.

  • Increased ability to control the important things in their lives.

  • Increased confidence in their ability to handle personal problems and deal with emotional challenges calmly.

  • Increased ability to create a relaxed atmosphere with their students. 

  • Decreased feelings of frustration due to their jobs.

  • Reduced stress and burnout from work

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